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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 22, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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george h.w. bush was or maybe i should aspire to something lower in life, because that guy is the best. >> sean: governor thank you for being with us. and thank you. that is all the time we have left this evening. hope you have a great night. [ applause ] growth -- this is a fox news alert. we are live with the latest on the debt talk break down. it is hot on this summer friday night in washington, d.c.. we are not talking about outside. in a dramatic moment, house speaker john boehner says after weeks of personal talks with the white house, he is done. there is no deal. right now all bets are off. >> i just got a call half hour ago from speaker boehner. who indicated that he was going to be walking away from the negotiations. >> there was an agreement with the white house at 800 billion dollars in revenue. it is the president, who
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walked away from his agreement and demanded more money. >> the president: here's the one thing at minimum we got to increase the debt ceiling at minimum. i think we need to do more. i'm confident because i cannot believe congress would end up being that irresponsible. >> i want to be entirely clear. no one wants to default on the full, faith and credit of the united states government. i'm convinced that we will not. >> it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this kind of deal. frankly, if you look at the commentary out there, there are a lot of republicans that puzzled as to why itut cutting d making the tough choices that are facing our country on entitlement reform. that's the bottom line. >> the president: we were offering a deal that call for as much discretionary savings
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as the gang of six. we were calling for tax fast were less than what the gang of six had proposed. >> let me just say the white house moved the goalpost. there was an agreement on additional revenues, until yesterday when the president demanded 400 billion dollars more, which was going to be nothing more than a tax increase on the american people. >> there you have it. that's why we are where we are tonight. i'm martha maccallum in for greta van susteren. now president obama is demanding an emergency meeting tomorrow morning at the white house. he expects all of the leaders to be there. speaker boehner has said he will be there. house minority leader pelosi, harry reid and mitch mcconnell. joining me right now is senator mike lee, a republican
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from utah. he's the author of the new book freedom agenda. senator, welcome. it is a busy night. nobody starting their weekends yet. what is your reaction to what we just saw? >> well it is disability pog. not terribly surprising this is -- this is one of the things that happens when you try resolve a complex problem that needs input from all members of congress, with only five people. this has failed if the past. we had no assurance it would be more successful this time what is most galling is the fact that we have one legislative proposal that has been moving through congress, passed by the house of representatives, just tuesday night. it came up in the senate today, only to be shutdown by senate majority leader harry reid. who is unwilling to have debate and discussion and an open amendment process on that legislation. this was our best tune. right now it is our only opportunity to get the debt
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limit issue -- issue addressed this is the only show in town and the democrats refuse to address it. >> you are referring to cut, cap and balance which passed the house. is a plan that the other five who you referred to, seem to feel does not have legs. why do you think they've rejected that plan that passed in the house, 217 members voted for cut, cap and balance in the because, why are they rejecting it out of hand? >> they rejected it by saying it can pass, without addressing it effort on the -- it ever on the merits, because they know they will lose. when the american people were asked about it on the merits by cnn they responded by saying overwhelmingly they support it to the tune of 66% the central feature is the balanced budget amendment which 75% of all-americans support according to the same cnn poll released yesterday. this was about one simple fact, the democrats just didn't want to address a plan that had
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been brought forward by republicans. even though this is the only plan that addresss the problem in a structural, permanent binding way. for reasons i explained in my book, we have to amend the constitution to change the way washington spends or we'll continue to do the same things over again that go us into this mess. >> you her the tensions between the president and john bane -- you heard the tensions between the president and john boehner. talk from influential people pointing the finger at you all and people who are supported by the tea party saying that you are being intransigent and cantankerous and you need to get in line what is your reaction to that? >> my reaction is that is pure hypocrisy. they own this now. we gave them an opportunity to raise the debt limit which was an opportunity that the democrats in the senate didn't give george w. bush to give him their vote. >> let me jump in for a moment. one of the issues with the balanced budget amendment as
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you say there seems to be poll support. you would need 2/3 to pass it. would you be willing to drop the budget balance part of that agreement if order to move forward with the other elements of your plan in a timely fashion to get this done by august 2nd? >> absolutely not. that's the most critical element of it. the only way we are going to solve this problem is if we have something in place that can permanently bind congress from one congress to another. the problem with the discussion about raising the debt limit to this point has been that it is focused on cuts that would be stretched out over a period of 10, 15 years to the tune of two, three trillion dollars. the fact is, we can't bind a future congress to follow through on those cuts. the only way to a future congress is by amending the constitution. >> i under stand what you are saying. a lot of folks are looking at this, rating agencies saying if you don't raise the debt
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ceiling over the next several days, they are going to start to lower the rating. that is their job. their job is evaluate the credit worthiness of a country. if they believe never to lower those rates that will affect interest rates for every american across the country. you have a lot of folks, including bill o'reilly who called into his show tonight, they wanted to get that on live, because of these late breaking developments. basically, he's saying the tea party needs to prove that in order to be effective they are willing to come to the table. they are willing to recognize this emergency situation going on if it is an emergency. it appears the ratings agencies think it is. they have to prove they are able to negotiate and come to the table. what do you say about that? >> ability to negotiate and compromise is different from a willing to capitulate unconditionally to whatever whim the president happens to have that day before he changed his mind again. these same ratings agencies
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have made that warning and i understand and i'm as concerned about that as minute. we have to remember that's only-the warning. the other half is, if you have rate the debt limb limit without binding spending reform mechanic tpheufrpls that is going to be just as bad perhaps -- perhaps worse. >> you are right. that's a point that is very important for people to understand. it is highly possible that we may get some kind of deal even over the weekend that allows the debt ceiling to be raised. moody's may look at that deal and say there is nothing substantial that makes us think we are not going to be in the same boat, three, six months down the line. charles krauthammer says he would like to see a 500 billion dollar short term cut that basically forces this issue to come back again soon so that nobody will be able to put in under the -- put this under the rug over the next election cycle. but gets us through this
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deadline. you are in favor, not in favor, not open to that proposal? >> it is the first time i've heard of that proposal. again, i've said since before i was sworn into office, that a permanent acquisition of new debt of the amount that we are talking about, perhaps 2, 2 1/2 trillion dollars requires a permanent solution. the only way you will deal with this on a permanent long term basis is amending the constitution. we can't bind a future congress without that >> you all are steadfast and doing what people elected you to could, -- you to do. which i think a lot people will commend that. do you have any fear that if the -- if this drags us into a deeper financial hole, at least over the near term, that there's going to be backlash you folks for not negotiating, not coming to the table in a more meaningful
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way? >> voters of america got it right in 2010. they are going to get it right again in 2012. to an even more significant degree. we can back down now and not do the things, not follow through on the things that the american people elected us to do this is our time this is the fight of a generation this is why we are here. we are going to get this done and get it done the right way. >> senator lee, very good to talk to you. thank you for your time. we'll see where this goes. in this environment, we could very well be in a situation that i was referring to. where the ratings agencies may look at this monday and they may say, it is our duty to downgrade u.s. debt that would be the first time that a sitting u.s. president has presided over the downgrade of american credit. that could hurt our already low approval rating that we have for congress. the numbers for congress are very low as well as the numbers for the president on that right now. let's bring in another member
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of congress, senator ron johnson. good evening. >> thanks for having me on. >> you listened to senator lee. you listened to the back and forth between leader boehner and president obama today. where are we? what is your opinion on this tonight? >> first of all, i never believed the president was negotiating in good faith. if he was serious about this, he would have been at the negotiating table six months ago. he would have presented a serious budget. rather than the one he presented in february that would havefôq$ added 12 trillion to our debt. and lost in the united states senate, 0-97. it is the president and the senate democrats that haven't passed a budget in over two years that haven't presented a plan. my party, the house of representatives, they actually passed a budget on time. right now, they passed the cut, cap and balance act. which is the solution to the problem.
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we are in this position because of the president and the democrats in the senate have refused to show us what their plan would be. >> you were elected in the last midterm you come from a business background. you are a business pan by profession. i've talked to you -- you are a businessman by profession. i've talked to you about in before. were you surprised in how such disarray things were when you got to washington. now you are watching this thing go down, put yourself in our old shoes for a moment. what do you think about it now? >> i'm accountant by background. i've produced budgets on time. i've had people produce them for me on time. to think that a couple folks, a few individuals would actually be able to come up with a budget in a couple weeks, behind closed doors, to fund the federal government, 3.7 trillion dollar a year enter price is absurd. but unfortunately, --
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enterprise is absurd. unfortunately this is business as unfortunately. business as usual in washington is bankrupting this country. we have to end this cycle. the republicans have a plan on the table now. the cut, cap and balance like senator lee was talking about is solution. it cuts spending next year. it caps the growth in pending. we are not talking about cutting spending. we are eliminating the growth name's a reasonable thing to do. >> take me through the scenario. let's say they have to meeting tomorrow. all of the housex= and senate leaders are there the president is there. let's say they come up with something. is there anything that you can imagine at this point, them coming up with, that you would say yes. i could get behind that an and i would bet my colleagues in the house would also back that. >> because the president has backed us up against this deadline i would be willing to go for a short term deal to give cut, cap and balance a'íñ longer period in the public
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arena as senator lee said, 66% of the people support that approach. 74% support a balanced budget amendment. [ talking over each other ]hj >> excuse me. tell he what your short term deal looks like? >> you mentioned something charles krauthammer proposed. i'm not in those negotiations. i would be willing to do something very short term to give us the time to debate cut, cap and balance. because i believe the american people will support it. and i believe that is the solution. >> what if you saw something that was in the neighborhood of 500 billion dollars in cuts? it would have to be i would assume something that had absolutely no tax hikes in it or would you sign off on something that allowed certain loopholes to expire and certain tax reforms that wret % in essence have some corporations pay more because there aren't loopholes any more? >> number one component for
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solution is economic growth. the last thing we want to do is enact anything that harms economic growth that's what tax increases do. we need to put a credible plan on the table that restraints spending. that's what cut, cap and balance does that's what brings confidence back to the markets to consumers to get our economy growing again. again, we haven't had anything to fight for. because of all these secret negotiations. cut, cap and balance, actually gives us something to present to the american people. show the american people we are for it.:p they will support it. i think it can pass, if we give it time. >> it is interesting, when you look at some of the polls on this congressional republicans have a 47% approval rating on this issue. no, i'm sorry, they are more to blame, according to this, man president obama. what do you think? have you had a tough time getting your message across? >> everyday we negotiated with president obama gave him correct.
10:16 pm
i think his performance tonight showed he's not the adult in the room. and again, if the american people take a look at what he hasn't done -- we were bankrupting this country many he was going to add 12÷f trillion to our debt. yet, he didn't enter the tkpwerb nuns -- end the negotiations until a month ago that is not a serious player. >> but people are blaming republicans senator. they say 47% say you are more to blame. >> again, we haven't had anything to fight for until cut, cap and balance. now we go it on the take. once we have the chance to show the american people the solution, i think we'll get that support. >> you got your work cut out for you as do your colleagues. senator, good to talk to you. very important decisions to be made over the weekend. thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me on. >> straight ahead,uv you get the just, right? it is a hot -- you get the , right? it is a hot, sticky messy
10:17 pm
situation. americans appear the rest of world is watching to see what going to happen between these men and the folks we just spoke to. who will blink in this situation, if anybody? what if we do stop paying our bills come next week? how worried should we be? we'll talk about that. >> also, this situation the numbers are rising in this horrible terror attack. blood on the streets and at a camp in norway tonight the death toll children, i have to tell you has risen quite severely. who is behind these attacks? ambassador john bolton weigh in that coming up on the record, right after this. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] from nutritional science comes centrum. with vitamins and minerals balanced to support your energy... ♪ ...and healthy skin. everyday benefits from advanced formulas.
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the alerte=÷ islihouse spear boehner is fed up. tonight we heard the same from the president. hours ago the speaker called off debt talks with the white house. he says the president wants to ultimately raise taxes. he also claimed the president was not serious when it came to it on the table about real spending cuts in entitlements. today was the president's self-imposed deadline. he said it had to be done by today in order to prevent a
10:22 pm
deeper economic disaster. now there's an emergency saturday morning morning at 11 a.m. at the white house. joining me david drucker. workingf late this is a big story. david, i know a lot has been coming out since the president and john boehner spoke earlier w headed. what are you hearing? >> both sides, both the speaker's office and the white house were dueling in terms of the numbers and the framework and who was backing off this and pushing for that. although it may sound counterintuitive, the fact that the speaker wants to take this to the congress' level, negotiate with reid and other congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle might help this. they can figure out together where the votes are try and get something through each house and get it to the president. at this poin^ anything the president gets he will sign. i originally thought it was best to have the president in
10:23 pm
the room, because he could give the democrats cover and direct them as to where he wanted them to go. for whatever reason it doesn't appear to have worked. you might as well do the it now and not have a middleman who going to vote for what. >> that's really interesting. when you think about it, dave the knock against the president in a lot of these negotiations since the beginning of his presidency was that he wasn't willing to take a leadership role to get in the room. when you think about health care stimulus package and liability. he designated that to congress. allowed them to come up with:a the numbers in this situation he got in the room and was not able to get any deal. he thought he had it. it sounds like they thought they had a deal yesterday. >> it does. to give the president some slack here, i think what he did was work out with speaker boehner the framework of something that he thought might work. when he went back to democrats in congress and said here's what i have, what do you
10:24 pm
think? there was an uproar. we knew this yesterday, democrats were upset, meeting in a caucus lunch. there was a line from the white house with staff members that within on a conference call and assured them certain"= things that were not being done that were supposedly being done. the breaks news about the supposed deal reported. he was in a tough position. democrats in congress have no more interest in compromising certain things that do republicans many to broker this is difficult. that an why you are better off with boehner and reid in the room they are good at putting together the pieces of the puzzle that are required for their members to vote for something. [ talking over each other ] >> we just spoke to two senators who said they wished they had didn't that all along. they felt like they were left out of conversation. you here from time to time on these issues when it getsúb into a small group trying to hammer this out. we heard the president stand up and say john boehner back
10:25 pm
to his folks. gee, i guess i underestimated his ability to sell this deal with his own people. what you're saying is the opposite happened that the president went back to democrats with what sounds like was an 800 billion dollar revenue hike, and they said you're not getting enough from the wealthiest in this country and the corporate jet own there's we heard about. then we came back apparently 400 billion nor in increased tack force that -- more, in increased taxes for that group and was the deal breaker is that right? >> it is unclear if you listen to the speaker's office the deal was around 800 in revenue that would be scored from economic growth not raising taxes. democrats were unhappy. the president came back with another 400 billion which would have pushed to it to 1.2 trillion as opposed to a ceiling of 800 billion. it just depends on who you believe. look, the speaker may have had
10:26 pm
just as much trouble selling a deal as the president had. but, i think part of the reason is that neither side has political capital. the economy is rough. people are out of wk. nobody trusts their leaders to get them anything that is good that is going to stick. republicans weren't out of power for that long. they are back in power and still smarting from when they were running things an and never did things they thought they should. democrats care as much about their priorities as republicans. it is like trying to sell a house and you don't have a willing buyer or seller. you put them in a room and say work it out. >> they got up and walked out it sounds like. david drucker, thank you. we'll be following your reporting on this throughout what is going to be a busy weekend. >> thanks martha. >> coming up, this is such an awful, disturbing story it is getting worse i'm sorry to tell you. a brutal day of terror rocks
10:27 pm
more way. the numbers are skyrocketing of those dead. in particular at the youth camp. we'll bring you the latest. we now know the identity of the attacker. ambassador bolton goes on the record, next. >> new information about the strange murder mystery or death mystery, we should say in the california mansion of pharmaceutical tycoon -- tycoon's son is dead and his girlfriend was it homicide or suicide? we'll talk to dr. baden about the potential forensics. we'll be right back with more. ♪
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breaking news. devastating news out of norway. the death toll there is rising. two terror attacks that rocked that nation. now this number has again to 87 people feared dead in this attack. that's the aerial shot of the island where some of this took place. at a youth camp meeting that was going on, it happens every summer on this island. earlier in the day, another seven people were kill in the oslo bombing. fewer deaths in the city. that's the front of the building blown up by what is believed to be a huge car bomb that shock the capital for miles. police say both attacks were
10:32 pm
connected, they believe. the police now say that the man they believe is responsible for this is -- was dressed at the camp shooting. i believe in picture comes from his facebook page. he was dressed as a police officer. he went there and told them that he was checking on things to see how they were doing at the youth camp because of the explosion that happened in the city. of course they allowed him to come in. then he opened fire. it is a horrific tale. children were trying to escape. some tried to swim into the ocean and were shot at while they were trying to swim away. it is such an awful, awful story. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton joins me. we spoke earlier today. the early thinking on this, because there had been threats by al-qaeda in norway, was that it was the work of an al-qaeda group. now it appears to be something more like the oklahoma bombing that we suffered in this country.
10:33 pm
>> well that's what some of the norweigan authorities have said there is a kind of political correctness that comes up when these tragic events occur. you think of major nadal hasan the fort hood shooter people said that was an isolated incident. i think we need the fullest police investigation, soon. if there is a possibility this was a broader threat, obviously, there are other people still at risk. there are reports that there's unexploded bomb material out by that island, obviously forensic experts are looking at that right now. it might tell us whether there's a broader connector not. >> the reports on him are that he had an agricultural business that may be where he got many so of the material that he needed to do this kind of explosion. it looks similar in an eerie way to the oklahoma city bombing. a truck that pulled up in front of the building, because it was a forward blast, it
10:34 pm
blew almost all the windows out in that building. obviously, ambassador, this is not the typical image that you see of somebody that is linked to al-qaeda. he appears, from some of his writing to be connected to more of a right wing group. however, when you look at the people that have been drawn into some of this kind of homegrown terror here in the u.s. as well they don't necessarily look like the kind of terrorists we are used to seeing associated with those groups. >> it is just hard to belief that one shooter could have killed 80 of these children at the camp. and obviously, we need to know more about that. i think it is still early days. certainly consistent with threats that they've seen in norway and elsewhere in scandinavia and earlier attempts in stockholm around christmastime. i think it is too early to reach a conclusion one way or the other. >> you make a great point. it is hard to wrap your mind
10:35 pm
around the ability of one man to do this. if he did indeed set off this car bomb in downtown in the city of oslo, with a huge explosion and then get out of there and make at least 25 minute trip, by the that i've seen so far, across the water, get into a police uniform, and arrive on this island and tell them, gee, there's this horrible attack in oslo and i'm coming to make sure everyone is okay and then pull off the mur. if you look at the scene, what should be a beautiful summer event for these children and it is an absolutely horrific scene. it is hard to imagine it could be one person. >> i think that's what the police need to be on urgently. not only to resolve this tragedy as i say, because of the risk that there may be other follow-on efforts if this is part of a broader
10:36 pm
pattern this behavior is very unnorwegian. the speculation that it is part of right wing extremism, i think that has less of a foundation at this point than the concern that there's a broader political threat here. >> we'll see. ambassador bolton, thank you for being with us. tragic story, no matter how you look at it. more work to be done on figuring it out. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> coming up back to the story we were following this week. first his girlfriend was found nude and hanging from a balcony by a rope in strange circumstances. days later, his son who had fallen before that event, he fell down the stairs and died from the injuries that he suffered in that fall. a lot of questions today about what really happened inside that mansion. dr. baden is here with those shocking development.
10:37 pm
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seconds. but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: more on that breaking news out of norway the death toll has jumped sharply following two terror attacks. police are saying at least 80 were kill in the youth camp shooting. victims were attending a gathering of the country's labor party. following a bowling in the capital that blast killed -- follow a bombing in the capital that blast killedp'e  seven. a suspect is behind bars and has been identified by norway's broadcaster. police say it appears he acted alone and the attacks don't appear to be linked to any international terrorist organization. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to on the record. there is new information about those bizarre deaths
10:42 pm
inside a pharmaceutical tycoon's california mansion. could his stormy past hold some of the answers? you may remember, the man's 32-year-old girlfriend was found last week hanging from a balance con me by a rope bound by her hands -- balcony, by a rope, bound by her hands and feet. days later the man's son died after he reportedly fallen down the stairs several days earlyer. now the woman's sister is saying that this is no suicide. and there is more on this. joining us is william herman, crime reporter for the arizona republic. good to have you here way is the latest? what are police saying about this? >> police are playing it close to the vest. i talked to san diego sheriffs homicide sergeant roy frank, a couple hours ago. they are now reinterviewing every one who talked to or saw the lady who died by hanging
10:43 pm
in the hours before her death. frankly, they don't know who the last person to talk to her or see her was. they want to establish that. >> let's go over it. the earlier reports were that the owner of the home, her boyfriend in pharmaceutical executive, he wasn't there. hadn't been there for i don't know how long before in happen. and the brother, his brother was the one who disever coulded the body, right? >> that is correct. -- adam. adam shacknai discovered the body. we don't know whether adam shacknai was the last person to see her alive. obviously that is important. >> the other important element in terms of her story is going to be the forensics. that should determine whether or not she was assaulted in any way. whether anything else had been done with her. whether there was any struggle. also, whether she was capable of committing suicide in such a bizarre manner. >> that's exactly so.
10:44 pm
it looks very much like homicide. another thing, usually homicides are rather -- rather suicides are obvious and it takes one detecve one day to figure it out. they have multiple decks on this and working it hard. they are waiting for the -- toxicology report they want to know about alcohol or drugs possibly become in her body. they want to know of any dna possibly on her body. >> we are going to talk to dr. baden about that in a minute. in terms of the little boy. there were reports that he fell down stairs that were carpeted, he's 6-years-old in good health, as far as we know this is a strange situation that he would incur such horrible injuries that he would die from them, at that age. >> it is. and the police are being careful on this. people have been saying he fell down the stairs. in fact, we don't know that. because they said max was found by police and paramedics on the floor near the foot of the staircase.
10:45 pm
the 911 call came in as a child who had fallen. you see the wording is careful. >> you know, it is a tragic story there. are so many questions about exactlyly how this happened. we thank you for being here william her -- her -- william herman reporting on this. a lot will come out next week this is the big question that remains. how did the woman die? was it suicide? was it a murder? was it something else? joining us dr. baden. good evening, good to have you here. >> good evening martha. >> you are listening to my conversation with william herman who has been reporting on this story what catches your attention in what the homicide investigators are saying and not saying so far about this case? >> well, what catches my attention is something you just said martha or is it
10:46 pm
something else? we can't leave accident out of this it is unusual for sue sigh. it is unusual for homicide. it is unusual for accident. but there are certain sexual experimentations that you have to think of when you see a nude woman hanging, which is very unusual that also i'm sure the police are investigating. here's where the medical examiner's office going to be crucial to determine exactly what the cause of death is. was she dead when -- as a result of the hanging or could something else have caused her death first? was she in a struggle? she was a very athletic person. marks on her, broken fingernails. and the toxicology is important. most important in the initial investigation right now is the time of death. because what they want to know is not who was when the body was found. but who was there when she died? that will depend on who last
10:47 pm
saw her and spoke to her would be one factor. the old fashioned medical examiner materials like stiffness of the body, lividity. what food was in her stomach? did she have dinner food or breakfast coffee in her stomach may all be very important in determining what she died and therefore, who could have been in the house at the time of death. not at the time she was found. >> all of that information is going to tell us an awful lot about the circumstances that led up to the timing of her death. talk to me about this little boy. what are you hearing in this story that raises questions for you in his death? >> well, the little boy was in the hospital for about four days. in that situation, the hospital records are going to be very important to determine what injuries the child had
10:48 pm
and whether or not the death of the young lady and the death of the child are somehow related as the temporal relationship would i am employ. -- imply. any statements that were made about the child's death of course will be searched by various investigator of hospital people and people at the house many one thing i left out earlier, one of the things that the medical examiner, the crime lab people have to look at carefully is how the knots and ties around the wrists and legs and next were and whether or not a person can tie one hand's together and step through the arms and get the hands behind the back. that happens from time to time. unusual to have both arms and legs tied together. but, one of the critical things martha is, are they
10:49 pm
related as they would be the fact they occurred so quickly next to each other might suggest? was she suicidal? what is her background history? was she depressed? did she ever attempt suicide in the past? >> so far, according to the family they don't believe she was suicidal. lots of good input tonight, dr. baden thank you. we'll stay on the story. straight ahead we have a different story. senator scott brown, is his past coming back to haunt him? why the senator may be blushing tonight. we'll show you why, next. [ male announcer ] what if that hemorrhoid pain is non-stop to seattle? just carry new preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name.
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here the best of the rest. the bitter battle teen two members of congress has -- teen two members of congress has reached a new level. democrats showing support for their colleague debbie wasserman shultz wearing we stand with the lady buttons. as you know allen west fired off an angry e-mail to wasserman shultz after she questioned his position on medicare. the congressman called her vile, unprofessional and
10:54 pm
despicable. he went so far as to say she was not a lady. thus the pins. that's why the democratic members of congress are fired up and supporting her with those buttons. >> we know he's a former model. a knitting catalogue, really? scott brown is a lot item on craigslist. now you canvblúq your own copy of a 1984 knitting catalogue. that looks familiar featuring senator brown on the cover. nice sweater. the seller says he bought the catalogue on ebay for $100. now he's selling it for $250. i guess you have to really like senator brown's sweaters. >> finally, millions watched as prince william and kate middleton said their i dos. now you can get up close and personal look at the dress. it going on display at
10:55 pm
buckingham palace. visitors will be able get within eight feet of the does. closer than most of us got at the wedding. it will be in the palace ballroom where it will stan unprotected. the palace is expecting 650,000 to stop by this summer to get a glimpse. there you have the best of the rest. >> coming up your last call. one more quick round before we turn down the lies. congressional pizza party turns ugly in washington. what happened? stick around. it has to do with pepperoni many we'll be right back.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, it's time for last call. so you know things are getting bad in congress when they can't pay for a petesa. here is jimmy fal on. >> house speaker john boehner invited new congressmen over for pizza last night. the delivery guy left after they spent 10 hours fighting over a plan


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